What’s latest in the world with regard to Quantum computers? I came across Jim Al-Khalili’s book ‘ Life On The Edge’ and discovered how Quantum Biology can be leveraged for advancement of Quantum Computing about which I had written on my other blog on 01 Oct 2016, in fact, I had posted a link to a Caltech video explaining quantum computing in a simple form, (if you wish to refresh your knowledge on the subject). To add a one-liner, the Classical computer represents knowledge in bits that can be valued at 1 or 0. However quantum computers use ‘qubits’, having the capacity to represent 1 and 0 at the same time. Advances in ‘machine learning’ and deep learning are also substantially increasing the computing power. The latest being the IBM finding a way to simulate quantum computers, equivalent to that of 56 qubits. Till before this feat, the accepted limit was 49 qubits, as that was the threshold of the memory capacity with regard to any classical computer. The last 45 qubits simulation was done using 500 terabytes of memory. However this time IBM did it with only 4.5 terabytes through a mathematical trick which you can read through this link